Education Law Services

Howland Shake Law represents students in pubic schools and private schools.  We represent the parents of minor children and we also represent adult students.   Whatever issue you are having with your school, we are here to help you.

Education Law - Special Education and 504. Group of special students in classroom, a down syndrome girl, two handicapped boys and cute Asian teacher playing toy and game together.

Special Education & 504

Education Law - Student Discipline. Teenager talking to a school counselor in detention.

Student Discipline

Education Law - Title IX. Young woman crying.

Title IX

Education Law - Academic Misconduct. Student in classroom cheating on test.

Academic Misconduct

Education Law - Discrimination. Group of Diverse College Students on School campus


Education Law - Attendance / Truancy. Young boy staying away from school and playing games on the mobile

Attendance / Truancy

Education Law - Grades / Latin Honors.  Group of teenage students boarding and on a school bus. Young woman holds a report card with good grades.

Grades / Latin Honors

Education Law - Graduation. Student And Parents Celebrate Graduation Smiling at Camera



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